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Surgical Approach for Cerebello-Pontine Angle Lesions and Vertigo
Guilherme Machado de Carvalho1, Henrique Furlan Pauna2*

With the evolution of diagnostic techniques, medications and rehabilitation therapies, the surgical treatment for vertigo rarely finds space to approach dizziness and imbalance. However, most of the surgical rehabilitation centers for hearing and cochlear implants have a vestibular evaluation in their protocol. The frequently performed pre-operative exams are Vestibular-Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP) and Video-Head Impulse Test (v-HIT)...

Review Article

Cochlear Implants in Labyrinthitis Ossificans
Henrique F. Pauna1*, Milena S. Lavor2, Alexandre C. Guimarães3, Guilherme M. Carvalho4, Arthur M. Castilho3, Miguel A. Hyppolito5

Labyrinthitis ossificans is a pathologic condition of the otic capsule mainly caused by meningitis, trauma, or advanced otosclerosis. A cochlear ossification secondary to labyrinthitis ossificans results in sensorineural hearing loss, and its presence is associated with technical difficulties and poorer functional results in cochlear implant recipients. This study aimed to evaluate the functional results with partial standard (compressed) and double-array cochlear implantation in ossified cochlea.

Case Report

Double Vocal Fold Cysts: A Rare Occurrence
Wai Leong KOK1, Sarmad AlAZZAWI1, Mohd Zulkiflee ABU BAKAR1, Eugene Hung Chih WONG1*

A 40 year-old man presented with three years history of intermittent hoarseness of voice, which resolved spontaneously. On indirect laryngoscopy, two well-defined smooth translucent lesions were seen over the middle portion of the left vocal fold with no contact lesions seen on the contralateral vocal cord. The vocal fold cysts were removed using microflap approach with preservation of overlying mucosa, which was uneventful. The surgical site healed completely on follow-up and patient was very satisfied with the vocal quality post-operatively.


Prevalence and Patterns of Hearing Impairment among School Children
Hamid Y Hussein1, Waleed Al Faisal*1, Nusaiba Shaker AlBehandy1

There is strong evidence indicating that a hearing loss negatively affects many areas needed for classroom learning and vocational achievement. However, in children and adolescents, the consequences of even minimal hearing loss can be far reaching with adverse effects on language development, academic performance, and social development. Increasingly, more attention is being focused on mild or slight hearing impairment >=20 dB HL including unilateral or bilateral loss that may.

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